testing page

heading block – for heading text

  • list block – bullets –
  • highlight text to change colour

block for quotes – not clear how this differs from paragraph text yet

write citation here – is this the quite text?

Classic block gives you a classic toolbar  – Grammarly not on by default, needs to be switched 

insert table block – not sure if lines can be edited 

image caption text here – glastonbury

not sure why images are inserting above the table – or how to drag blocks around – use the up and down arrows in the top tool bar 🙂

caption for table here

insert a file block

intrigued by the verse block  - notsure what it is 

paragraph block to practice changing blocks but the tool doesn’t show

caption here

create new page and publish it – Latest posts block pulls through title of posts, use menu on right to set details and number of posts etc then page needs to be set as Home page – click Customise at top of page to get menu (see image below. >go to Home page to set new page as Home – add new home page to menu

Alter the justification of an image by highlight and select tool from top toolbar)

how do i edit a picutre???? no handles to rezie!! SELECT and go to MENU on RIGHT

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